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THE EFFECT OF SUGAR ON SETTING-TIME OF VARIOUS TYPES OF CEMENTS Bazid Khan* and Bulent Baradan** ABSTRACT The objective of this research is to investigate the influence of sugar s of different origins (Beet & Cane) on the setting times of cement pastes. Sugar is incorporated with three different types of cements under three different curing ...

What is the final setting time of cement concrete

Jun 27, 2012 · The curing process for concrete goes on for a much longer time than you think, and is affected by temperatures. Most concrete will be set enough to walk on in 10-12 hours- HOWEVER, it will ...

Setting of Cement - Initial and Final Setting Time of Cement

Setting Time of Cement. Some types of cement set quickly, within a few minutes whereas others may take comparatively longer time. However, the initial setting time of cement is 30 minutes for ordinary portland cement. And the final setting time of cement is 600 minutes or 10 hours on average for ordinary portland cement.

Setting time and compressive strength prediction model of

This study proposes a new model for estimating the setting and compressive strength development times, which involve changes in the concrete condition…

Initial & Final Setting Time of Cement Test

Initial & Final Setting Time of Cement. Initial & Final Setting Time of Cement test is used to detect the deterioration of cement due to storage.This is a conventional type of cement test and it has no relation with that of hardening of concrete.

Test To Check Initial And Final Setting Time Of Cement

Procedure to determine initial and final setting time of cement i) Prepare a cement paste by gauging the cement with 0.85 times the water required to give a paste of standard consistency. ii) Start a stop-watch, the moment water is added to the cement.

What is the initial and final setting time for concrete and

INITIAL SETTING TIME: Cement is mixed with 0.85 times the water required for standard consistency. As per vicat’s test " the time elapsed since the addition of water to the cement up to the time at which the needle can not penetrate 5 to 7 mm from the bottom of the vicat’s mould.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

QUIKRETE® Quick-Setting Cement is ideal for making repairs to vertical and overhead surfaces. Quick-Setting Cement sets in about 10 minutes so do not mix more than can be used in 10 minutes. Mix Quick-Setting Cement to the consistency of modeling clay. Start with about 1 part water to 5 parts of Quick-Setting Cement. Mix thoroughly.

Cement accelerator

A cement accelerator is an admixture for the use in concrete, mortar, rendering or screeds. The addition of an accelerator speeds the setting time and thus cure time starts earlier. This allows concrete to be placed in winter with reduced risk of frost damage.


Jun 12, 2014 · Objective Determination of initial and final setting time of concrete as per IS-8142-1976. Apparatus • Non absorptive metal container having minimum lateral dimension of 150 mm and minimum depth of 150 mm. • Penetration resistance apparatus having a pressure gauge of capacity 700 to 900 N. Removable needles of 645, 323, 161, 65, 32 & …

Setting Time of Concrete & Method Of Testing

Setting Time of Concrete: First of all, understand the fact that setting time of concrete and setting time of cement are two different parameters. For finding out setting time of cement we use standard Vicat apparatus and this test is performed in a laboratory in control ...

Setting Time of Cement - Initial & Final Setting Time

Initial Setting Time = T2 – T1 Final Setting Time = T3 – T1 Where, T1 = Time at which water is first added to the cement. T2 = Time when the needle fails to penetrate 5mm to 7mm from the bottom of the mould. T3 = Time when the needle makes an impression but

Setting Time of Cement Concrete

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What is the initial setting time of cement concrete

Concrete setting time will depend on the concrete mix ( w/c ratio , slump requairemt etc.. ) and ambient temperature. This is of course for normal mix without adding special materials to the mix.


The final setting time is the time after which the paste becomes so hard that the angular attachment to the needle, under standard weight, fails to leave any mark on the hardened concrete. Initial and final setting times are the rheological properties of cement.

(PDF) Evaluation of Initial Setting Time of Fresh Concrete

According to ASTM 403C, initial setting time of concrete is measured based on penetration resistance of mortar sieved from concrete and it is considered as the time taken to achieve a penetration ...

Manufacturing of Portland Cement – Process and Materials

Manufacturing of cement types, raw material, What is cement made of? Dry process, wet process, how ,cement production, cement plant . ... Cement Concrete. Civil ...

Cold Weather Concreting - Portland Cement Association

Concrete Technology-Concrete Construction-Cold Weather Concreting. Weather conditions at a jobsite – hot or cold, windy or calm, dry or humid – may be vastly different from the optimum conditions assumed at the time a concrete mix is specified, designed, or selected – or from laboratory conditions in which concrete specimens are stored and tested.

8.2 Setting Time of Cement 8.2.1 Introduction 8.2.2 Apparatus

Tests On Cement MAY 2001 Page 8.2 8.2 Setting Time of Cement 8.2.1 Introduction The setting times of cement give an indication of how long the cement will remain workable when used in a concrete mix. If the cement has deteriorated or was originally defective, it may take an excessive time to set. 8.2.2 Apparatus

What is Setting Time of Cement?

Initial Setting Time of Cement Initial setting time of cement is the time when the paste (cement + water) starts losing its plasticity. This mean that if the initial setting time of cement is 30 minutes, the cement mortar or concrete must be placed in position within 30 minutes of adding water. If delayed, mortar or concrete will lose strength.

How to Rapidly Speed up Concrete Drying Time

Concrete drying time is a major factor in the schedule of most construction projects. Follow the tips in this article to help speed your concrete drying time. The only way to know that a concrete slab is sufficiently dry is to test it, and the scientifically proven most accurate test is the in situ RH test.

Cost to Install Cement Slab - 2020 Cost Calculator (Customizable)

Cement Slab Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install cement slab with favorable site conditions. Layout pad height and slope. Lightly grade and remove loose soil. Set forms and reinforcing. Pour and finish concrete. Excavation, gravel base layer, compaction or hardscape demolition not included.

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TIP 14 - Time of Setting of Concrete Mixtures

The setting time reported on a cement mill test report does not have a very good correlation to the time of setting of concrete mixtures. The time of setting of concrete is measured by ASTM C403. A mortar portion is extracted by wet-sieving the concrete sample. The elapsed time after initial contact of cement and water required for the mortar ...

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Laboratory CBR Test Set : 21: Combination Permeameter Test Set : 22: Compaction Permeameter Test Set : 23: Speedy Moisture Test Set : 24: Moisture Content Test Set : 1: Air Permeability Of Porland Cement Fineness Device : 25: Moisture Balance Tester : 2: Le Chatelier Flask : 26: Unconfined Test Set : 3: Time Of Setting Of Hydraulic Cement By ...

How to Properly Mix Concrete — The Family Handyman

How to hand mix concrete so it delivers maximum strength and durability. Mixing isn't complicated and when done well, the concrete should last a lifetime. Protect your skin and eyes! The cement in concrete is caustic and can cause burns if it gets on your skin. Mixing bags of concrete isn’t ...

Factors affecting time of setting - American Concrete Institute

The major factors affecting the time of setting are cement composition, water-cementitious material ratio (w/cm), temperature, and admixtures. When cement hydrates faster, the time of setting is reduced. Increases in the w/cm result in increased time of setting. Time of setting decreases as the temperature is increased. Admixtures may increase ...

IS 8142 (1976): Method of test for determining setting time

cement, concrete mix proportions and admixtures, upon the time of setting and hardening characteristics of concrete. It may be used as a part of performance specifications to determine compliance with specified time of setting requirements and will also be useful in the laboratory for comparative

What is the initial and final setting time for concrete and for

Division on setting time of cement is based on Initial setting time of cement and Final setting time of cement. Generally Initial setting is the time elapsed between the moment water is added to the cement to the time at which paste starts losing ...

Controlling Set Times| Concrete Construction Magazine

Is there a chemical or mineral that I can add to a concrete mix to stop it from hardening? I need to transport the concrete a long distance from the ready-mix plant to the jobsite. A. Various chemical additives can be used to retard set-time. The most common commercially are lignosulfonates—dark, tarry byproducts of paper manufacturing.

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When the constituents of concrete (cement, aggregate and water) are brought together, the cement and water chemically react and eventually set to form a hard mass which adheres to and binds together the aggregates to form concrete. Setting takes time, approximately two hours after which the hardening process (strength development) can be ...


Repeat this procedure until the needle fails to pierce the mould for 5 + 0.5mm. Record the period elapsed between the time of adding water to the cement to the time when needle fails to pierce the mould by 5 + 0.5mm as the initial setting time. Final Setting Time

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